Hey guys, I know that this post may not be applicable to most of you out there. However, those of you who know me and live in my area you may of heard the sad, distressing news that our theatre is closing down unless someone buys it!

I have performed in this theatre since I was five years old – ten years this year. I have made so many friends and have gained so many memories. When I watched my first show when I was four it was the defining moment in my life – I wanted to be an actress. I have been to three drama groups who all perform in the theatre and I know that they will also be devastated at the terrible news.

This building is the pinnacle of the area as we have not got anything else that brings the community together to watch the youngsters and talented poeple in area come out to perform with all their hearts. From my drama group I know that some people have actually made it to the West End and that shows that this place is a platform to bounce in higher places.

If the theatre we will have no where to go…

Help me promote this issue as this is a heart wrenching moment for the community of Ebbw Vale.

Alysha x


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