A Pale Skin Rant – Foundation Shades

Hey guys, I haven’t wrote in a while but today I realised being pale can be a pain when you want to where minimum makeup. This week I am in a show so I decided I wanted to wear a tinted moisturiser to give my skin a break because when you are on stage you have to wear so much makeup *If you would like a post about stage makeup let me know*. I pulled out my tinted moisturiser because I wanted a breather so I applied it as usual but when I came home from school I realised I had a line!! Bear in mind this is the palest shade you can get from tinted moisturisers. Why don’t they do really pale shades?

I have tried porcelain shades from most brands and none of them are my shade and it really annoys me because all I want is something a little bit different to a full coverage foundation.

Oh gosh, don’t get me started on foundation shades. I can only wear Nars Siberia because it is the palest foundation with a yellow undertone that I have found. I don’t earn money as I am in school and I don’t have the money to continually purchase it so I had to buy a quick fix so I bought L’Oreal Infallible foundation which I thought looked yellow undertoned but then I looked at my Nars foundation and the L’Oreal one was pink.AAAAHHHH. Does anyone else have this problem?

I am going to have a quick breather now because I am anoid and I wish brands would make a super pale tinted moisturiser with a yellow undertone that does have a bit of coverage!!

Sorry for the rant!

Alysha x


10 thoughts on “A Pale Skin Rant – Foundation Shades

  1. Oh I understand you so well! If the foundation is light, definitely it’s going to be pink, except some expensive ones đŸ˜€ So I got a Korean BB cream for myself, which is super fair and has quite medium/full coverage

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