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My Reaction to “You Look Disgusting”

In July 2015, a beautiful girl called Em Ford gained the courage and confidence to voice her opinion on people’s freedom of speech on social media and this video went viral and has caused many people to voice their opinion on this video.

I watched this video when it was first published however I wanted to really consider my thoughts on the video before expressing them to you guys.

Personally, this video is an inspiration to me of what I want my blog to be about as well as spreading a positive message. I’ve showed my friends this video and almost all of them afterwards have announced “it’s true, this is the internet!”. Girls and boys are under an immence amount of pressure to conform to societies social standards however there is no line to cross. We wear no makeup and we are called ugly or that we don’t look after our skin but then on the other hand we wear too much makeup and we are fake and false.


I watched this video and I realised we need more people like Em to raise awareness towards the growing problem that social media causes people to have a low self esteem leading to deppression, one of the largest areas in mental illness of the modern age.

I understand the worry and the pressure people go through everyday as I feel the pressure too. I can’t leave the house and go out and about without wearing makeup because of the social standards. I would love to go out and not worry about what my skin looks like but this is what the internet, magazines and photoshop has done to people.

It makes me so happy when I see someone who is comfortable in their skin or simply does not care about what other people think of them. It gives me joy to see people go out and not worry about themselves so that they can relax and have fun without having the anxiety of your appearance dragging them down.


I would like this video to be seen by so many more people so if we can all share it – more people will realise the harsh, horrible problem that is freedom of speech.

Now, I know that we all have a right to voice our opinion as it is what makes us human but the phrase “THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK” should be implemented on a more regular basis.

Click to watch the video and share it now!


Keep the views growing! Let’s defeat this issue and tackle it while we can!

Alysha x


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