My brother, a true enigma!

My brother! Oh, look! Here he goes again into Walter Mitty land… His blazing green eyes, the kind of green that pushes its was through the piles of gritty snow to remind you that Spring is coming, stares into the universe of imagination. His straight emotionless face warms up with a sense of gladness as an involuntary laugh comes spewing out. I wonder, what on earth is going on in his mind. A volatile attack of a tick spasms his neck as the sound of creaking and clicking like a door screams into my ears; a harrowing sound that makes me cringe every time. The very edge of his lolling lip creeps up and the deep dimples in his cheekbones are very prominent as his eyes glisten with excitement as little bursts of laughter make his face go from pasty to beetroot.

How my belly laughs inside.

His head seems to be filled with the uncontrollable desire to go away from the world and contemplate the hilarious incidents of his life. Incidents that occured ten years ago on a regular Wednesday afternoon.

Then… the light goes back into his eyes and life goes on. The circle of life. I have asked him on many occasions about what envelopes his mind for that short moment. He never answers. He just shrugs his shoulders and pulls the most unenthusiatic face known to man. I know my brother is back in the room. I don’t resist a chuckle.

What is it?

What does his mind experience and why?

Of course, it must be the tricky, mysterious, complex world of Asperges Syndrome. My brother is a true enigma!


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