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Oops… Naughty Me!

When Easter rolled around I didn’t have chocolate I had money. Money to a teenager is dangerous because I get urges to spend the money. So, when my mum and dad took me and my brother on a shopping trip to Cardiff and they both said to me “do not buy makeup”. What did I do? Well, to be fair I only bought two items but they are sort of worth £50.

Most people in the blogging community feel guilty about spending alot of money on makeup but I didn’t. I felt great after the stress of choosing what to buy. That is one thing I need to address after I have told you about my purchases.


After all that mumbo jumbo you probably want to know what I bought. Of course you do. What two items could seriously come to £50?

I purchased the Dior Glow Maxsimiser Primer and the Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara. I have to be honest these where very much impulse purchases after the original item I wanted to buy is no longer available *starts crying*.

The Dior Glow Maxsimiser Primer is a multi use product as you can use it as an all over primer or as a liquid highlighter. It is a very natural highlighter with the tone being flesh and with hints of gold shimmer. The product itself has a nice cooling effect on the skin which is lovely. It costs £29 for 30ml but you do not need much of the product per application so I can imagine the product would last a fair amount of time.


I am yet to try the Lancôme Hypnôse mascara as I am using so many mascaras currently. The product promises to build up to more than six times more volume without clumping. It is also smudgeproof and ultra light. I am very excited to try this mascara so if you have tried it let me know your thoughts and I will also report back once I have tried and tested it.


Unfortunately I would like to talk about customer service. I bought these products from House Of Fraser but I originally went into Debenhams where I usually shop. I was looking around and wandered round to the Dior stand as I was looking for a highlighter. Now, as a 14 year old I didn’t expect to be harrassed by the people of Dior. I completely understand it is their job to try and convince people like me and you to buy their products but this was not acceptable. They continually came onto me pressuring me into buying their product. Telling me they’ll get it for me then and there and I should buy the £100 one. They wouldn’t leave me alone. It went on for 12 minutes and I had to leave because it made me feel quite anxious and stressed. I went back to the store later on and it happened again so I decided to go to the House of Fraser where the women were very lovely and didn’t pressure me they let me try out the products and have a chat in general.

If any of you have ever had any experiences like this then let me know because it is wrong and unfair. How was I supposed to spend £100 on a perfume anyway? I am fourteen!

Sorry to put a downer on things.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and have had a excellent day.

Alysha x


2 thoughts on “Oops… Naughty Me!

  1. Wow your experience at Debenhams doesn’t sound great! I loved reading this post though, love to see an in-depth review on the mascara when you’ve had a chance to properly try it out! x
    Morgan (

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