Take a Break!

So, recently I have been a little ill with a cold and all that and it has required me to take some time, de-stress and relax but I know some people struggle to chill out and take a break!

cinnamon hotchocolate

  1. I love having a hot drink but not just the usual hot drink – cinnamon hot chocolate is my jam. The usual Cadburys hot chocolate but then you add some cinnamon sauce – I get mine from Monin – then you get lots of squirty cream and then you sprinkle some cinnamon powder on the top. Oh, it tastes so good, the cinnamon really tastes good and the aromas are relaxing.

2. Read a good ole magazine – I read Vogue – and zone in on the pictures and have a laugh at the some of the funny articles whilst taking inspiration from peoples incredible life stories – then you remember that your life isn’t that bad.

relaxing 3

3. Lighting candles is my all time favourite way to de stress – apart from worrying about the flame – the smells they release are so good at relaxing the mind. My personal favourite candles are from Yankee Candle and Space NK.

4.Take a Lush bath. Having a bath is the best, stick your feet out of the sides with a thick face mask on; this is the best way to forget your troubles and think about being on holiday in your favourite place – that is London for me!

5.Sleep! Did you know sleep = healing. Yep! When you sleep you are allowing your body to rejuvenate so that when you wake you will feel ready to fight and say hello to the world around you.

relaxing 1

Have a nice time relaxing!

Alysha x


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