Jupiter Ascending Collection Review

For Christmas I had a lot of palettes but I had this collection from Pür Minerals (post about mineral makeup) which was made in collaboration with the new film Jupiter Ascending hence the name. The collection come with a palette, a lip-gloss and an eyeliner.

Jupiter Ascending Collection 2

The Palette – The palette has six shades all together. Majesty which is a cool toned matte brown perfect for the crease and can also multitask as contour shade for the pale among us. Destiny a matte pale white with a pink undertone perfect for all over the lid and the brow bone. Night Sky a matte dark grey perfect for deepening the outer v shape or good to smoke out on the lash line and good to use on the lower lashline. Jupiter a stunning blackcurrant shade which is a pearl finish which is good for the outer v or all over the lid for a dramatic look or underneath the lower lashline. Caine a shimmery brown with red and gold specks perfect for the crease and the outer v. Cosmos a similar shade to destiny but with more shimmer and more yellow toned so good for the inner corner of the eye. Most of the shades are pigmented ,however, the light shades are a little bit chalky but can be worked with.

The packaging of the palette is cardboard and is quite flimsy so it is not ideal for travelling. It has a small mirror inside ideal for when doing your makeup.

Jupiter Ascending Collection 1

The Lipgloss – The lipgloss is in the shade galaxy a light pink with silver glitter. The lip gloss is sheer but can be built up a little bit for the colour to show up. The formula is not sticky but it has not got good staying power but it is very moisturizing and looks lovely applied over a nude lipstick.

The packaging is like your average lipgloss with the exception of a handy mirror on the side (very good for on the go) and when you open the lid it lights up which is a nice little detail.


The Eyeliner – I love the eyeliner. It is a matte deep black which really shows up nicely. The nib is really fine so it allows you to create a fine line perfect for doing a cat flick. It is also flexible perfect for doing the wing. I tested the longevity of the product by swiping it on my wrist as you will see and I swiped it with eye makeup remover and I had to swipe 24 times and I had to have a good scrub to actually get it off my wrist and there was still a slight stain left.


Overall, I think this collection is very nice and worth picking up if you see it. It is superb collection for beginners and anyone who just enjoys makeup (myself).

Alysha x


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