ByTerry Misty Rock

Over the past few years on YouTube and in the blogging community the brand ByTerry has become a trend with the Baume de Rose and these the ‘Ombre Blackstars’. They have a very fancy name for what they actually are which essentially they are just eye shadow sticks. However, these eye shadow sticks are a whole other ball game compared to other high-end alternatives and drugstore editions. With a hefty price tag of £29 for 1.2 grams you may be wondering are they really worth it – yes, they are!

BYTERRY Ombre Blackstar 1

With a variety of 13 shades – 13 abnormally stunning shades – you are bound to find one that you like; I own the shade Misty Rock, a unique colour which looks different on each individual. On me it comes out as a vibrant purple with flecks of pink and brown sparkles. However, on other people this particular shade can show up more of a brown rather than a purple. I find this makes the product unique.


ByTerry claims a flawless, buildable, light-reflecting eye shadow that delivers instant lift and radiance. It is made with Tahitian Black Pearl which is full of rich calcium, trace elements and pearl proteins to smooth and enhance the eyelid.

BYTERRY Ombre Blackstar 2

Now I do believe that they are extremely pigmented and can be sheered out and can also become an extremely bold pigment. They are light reflecting and in different lights different colours come through which I believe is one of the products many USP points.

Now an important question that might be burning away at you is what is the staying power like. Now they claim for the product to be infallible. I have put it to extreme tests and I have worn it for 14 hours on my eyelids and it did not crease and it did not fade. I tested it with different makeup removers and I found any old Micellar water removes it quite easily but if you own an oil infused Micellar water it would be even better at removing the product.

BYTERRY Ombre Blackstar 3

Now, personally I will definitely be purchasing more of these beautiful products in the near future, I was thinking brown perfection, what do you think?

Alysha x


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