Small Space NK Haul

While I was casually listening to Mamma Mia this morning and singing along to Super Trouper the door bell went, a parcel (my eyes lit up). I ran to the door and was so happy when I opened it, my little haul from Space NK had arrived. I bought two items from the sale, which you must look at!

Small haul 1

I purchased a ByTerry Crayon Khol Terrybly terribly for £1.50 (hold the phone, I know). It was originally £24 so I feel proud at that bargain I didn’t understand why it hadn’t sold out. I also purchased a ‘Only Fingers and Toes‘ nail serum and it cost £4 from £16 – another pat on the back to myself. I have never heard of the brand before now so I am excited to see if it is good.

small haul 3

The eyeliner is in the shade 6 Opaline Flash, which is a stunning pearl pink. I instantly swatched it on the back of my hand and had to take a moment to look at the beautifulness. It glided on effortlessly and I tried to rub it off and it didn’t budge – I have high hopes for this product.

small haul 4

If you would like a review then let me know!

Alysha x


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