Let your voice reign!

While listening to some of my favourite music I guess I thought to write another inspirational/ positivity post. I guess because they mean a lot and I feel good about posting them and I feel like they help a lot of people out there!

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

This one is kind of different, I would like to talk about speaking up! As someone who had low confidence I understand that sometimes it can be difficult to get your voice heard or to get your points across. You sit there in class and you have so much to say but you can’t. Your too scared to put your hand up, I know it is hard, believe me!


Sometimes it is important to take the first step, well not sometimes all the time! Once you make that first step it becomes a lot easier to do.

Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt.

First you need to establish why you are afraid? Are you afraid of getting something wrong, afraid of being judged, afraid of stuttering, afraid of choking on your words, worried about the aftermath, afraid of what you sound like. Then you need to know you should never be ashamed because it is more common than you think!

Be so good they cannot ignore you!

Then another tip is to go from little situations for example going to speak to someone you wouldn’t usually speak to. You could take the plunge and close your eyes and take a deep breath and speak as loud as you can so that the whole world can hear your voice.


I know it can be difficult and scary but know it only gets easier!

Alysha x




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