Doggy Business

If your thinking of getting a dog or are preparing for one there is a lot to consider. What do I need to buy? Who do I need to see? What do I need to teach him or her?


Here are somethings to consider beforee getting a dog:

  • Is your home suitable? Do you have room for him to run around or big garden. This is important as dog will not want to be stuck inside without any exercise.
  • Are you commited? Having a dog is a lot of commitment and has a lot of responsibilities. in the early days the pup is going to require a lot of your attention and patience.


  • Do you know what breed? Picking a breed can be tricky but think about what size dog would suit your lifestyle and what needs certain breeds have as this will change how you will have to look after him or her.
  • A name! A name is the first thing you need to prepare for the dog as it is the first thing it will need to learn. Think of a name that suits the dog and remeber you will have to call this dog by this name in the long term.


If your getting a new dog I hope I’ve given you some things to consider.

Serendipity       x



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