Are you organised?

Sometimes we all feel as though we can not be bothered to be organised or it is too much work to keep on top of work, to keep things tidy or to get things done. But, actually, being organised has never been easier.

Making a list is one of the things that makes being organised so much easier. Invest in a notepad which, preferably, has tick boxes so you can check things off after you have done them.  Use the same notepad for all of your lists so they are all in the same place.

Prioritise. It is important to prioritise which things you need to get done that day otherwise you might end up missing deadlines. Prioritise in the order of which things need to be done according to their deadlines.

Colour coding can other help you organise paperwork, books and any loose paper into sections. Colour code all your paper work into several ring-binders  and folders so whenever you need them you know where they are.

After you have used items put them straight away. This means there is less chance of you procrastinating such as ‘I will do it in a minute’. Tidy up as you go along to get it out of the way and over and done with.

Don’t multitask. Many people think that multitasking will just make things quicker and easier but in effect it will slow you down and you will end up getting confused.

Get get things done straight away. This is possibly the easiest things to do. When you are given homework or tasks to complete do them straight away. Don’t procrastinate but do try to get as much done as soon as possible.

I hope that this blog post has made you think about how easy it is to keep your life organised and tidy.

A Sprinkle Of Makeup x


6 thoughts on “Are you organised?

  1. I am pretty organized in my own way. I’m not someone who writes everything down, but I write the things I know I’ll forget and I just do the ones I know I will. It’s weird, but it works for me and keeps me less anxious than seeing a list of 20+ things I have to do. Lovely post! xx

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