So, What is Mineral Makeup?

So, in my MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Quad review I started talking about what mineral makeup is because it is very different to the makeup we usually buy. But, why do we buy it? What does it do?

Mineral makeup started out as just foundation but it has regressed into eyeshadows, powders, blushes, highlights etc.

Close up mineral makeup

So, mineral makeup is made some finely micronized minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide but these particles are left as a loose powder so we buff mineral makeup into skin and the warmth of your skin causes the minerals to liquefy to create a beautiful and natural finish on the skin.

Mineral makeup 2

What makes the product different is the fact that minerals have correcting properties so they can correct the colour of your skin and when applied correctly it can brighten the skin to make it more glow-y and natural.

mirror image mineral makeup

The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have sun blocking properties or in other words they contain SPF which is good to use especially if you live in hotter countries but you should wear SPF anyway.

Zinc oxide also contains anti-inflammatory properties and mineral makeup contains a high percentage of zinc oxide so it very useful at calming down irritated skin.

Gold Glitter Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is especially good for sensitive skin so if you have sensitive skin you might want to look into purchasing a mineral loose powder foundation.

Alysha x


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