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2015 Favourites

Hello there! This is my very first post on One Of Those Crazy Girls and at the beginning of a new year as my introductory blog I thought I would share my 2015 favourites with you. This is a long post but, after all, it does have to cover all of 2015.

Lancôme Gel Éclat  I stumbled upon this beauty cleanser whilst out shopping out shopping one day and after buying it I wasn’t quite sure about it as £23 is an awful lot of money to spend on an un-researched cleanser.  After using it my mind was eased as it cleansed beautifully. It does have quite a sticky texture and it is quite difficult to apply unless you splash your face with water beforehand. All in all I LOVE this cleanser as it cleans beautifully and leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette   This is one of them products that you don’t buy on a whim; you research it before hand. After buying the product I was immediately wowed by the stunning shades, strong pigments and beautiful packaging that the Chocolate bar had to offer. The variety of shades mean that the palette has something for everyone, my favourite shades being Hazelnut, Black Forest and Amaretto. The eyeshadows are smooth and easily blend-able. It is definitely worth the £36.

Too faced

Gallagher Girl Series   I am very picky with what I read but after Alysha Paulsen recommended the first book – I’d Tell you I love you but then I’d have to kill you – to me I started to really enjoy reading it. Before reading the story does seem slightly cheesy and the in the first book it’s still finding itself but the plot becomes much more elaborate and clever over time. It’s not an extremely difficult read and the later books are not for the faint hearted but this is a good series for anyone looking to read in their spare time.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara  This mascara is probably on par or if not better than my very trusty Benefit They’re Real Mascara. I find that this mascara is perfect for trying to achieve volume in your lashes, I don’t think it gives the best length but it curls and adds volume to your lashes which is exactly what I need. The brush separates the lashes evenly and well and does not appear clumpy on the lashes. This mascara will make a £24.50 dip in your pocket but it is worth it.

Bobbi Brown Mascara

MAC Cosmos Lipstick   When choosing the shade for my lipstick in the MAC store I knew I wanted something that is easily wearable and for an everyday approach but also something that you can wear when going out and that’s what’s the shade Cosmo is so good at doing. The £15.50 lipstick has an amplified finish means it is both matte and creamy and is smooth to apply. Cosmo is a lovely everyday wearable lipstick and is suitable for nearly every skin type.

Mac Cosmos

Real Techniques Starter Eye Set  Although these are a recent purchase of mine I have found them to have improved my eye makeup. I underestimate how much difference a brush can make to your makeup. These brushes pick up the pigment really easily and can pack eye shadow on to the lid. The brow and accent brushes are the right size to apply product. However, I find that the eyeliner brush is too thick to get a precise line close to the lash line.

Leighton Denny Nail Polish  My nail polish collection mostly consisted of Nails Inc, Barry M and Essie until I found Leighton Denny. The formulae is quite sheer so it is easily customisable to get the desired shade and it also dries very quickly. My favourite shades are Spring Fling, a lilac with silver shimmer and Just Perfect, a rosy pink. They are in the medium price range of £11 for 12ml and I would recommend these to anybody looking for a hard wearing nail polish with a variety of shades.

I hope you enjoyed my very first post on One Of Those Crazy Girls. Let me know your 2015 favourites in the comments below.

A Sprinkle Of Makeup x


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