♥ Different = Beautiful ♥

I wanted to write this because one of my aims for this blog is to make people feel better or add light to life when life seems dark. Today, I would like to talk about being different and that is all a good thing. I had the inspiration to write this post after listening to the song “Human” by The Killers. Oh, an oldie but a goodie (You all need to listen to it)!

shoes 1

Sometimes we all feel isolated because we feel different but I want to tell you that not one person on this Earth is the same as another. There may be similarities but never identicalness (not even identical twins are the same).

Different is beautiful. Unique is special.

I can always remember wanting to be the same as everyone else but then I grew to realise that being different is better than being the same.

shoes 3

I am using a pair of shoes as a metaphor because a pair of shoes are not the same because one if for the left and one is for the right. Now, don’t go all technical on me and be all like yeah but there are pairs of the same shoes. But, you get my point.

shoes 2

If you want to have purple hair, DO IT! If you like listening to classical music, DON’T STOP! If you enjoy spending time with family over friends, NEVER STOP!

If there is something about you that you feel is different to your friends never stop what makes you different even if no one likes it, someone will, I promise. Now that is a girls scout promise (even though I am not a Scout anymore).

Never stop for anyone else, never change for anyone else, be you!

Alysha x


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