Be Body Positive

Body positivity
Well where do I start? Being body positive is all about accepting your own body and loving you for you. Unfortunately, many people do not feel this way due to media. The way media perceives beauty can be harsh and almost force you to think a certain way about your body. Society and media put a lot of pressure on people to LOOK a certain way, not just to weigh a certain amount, fit into a certain size and wear all the latest trends, the pressure is so deep rooted it affects all aspects of our lives, including how we treat our skin. Some people struggle to get out of the grasp of media and society but there is a way and that way is the recipe. Just like we bake a cake and it rises in the oven we can raise our confidence and positivity…
Preheat your oven at whatever temperature you like – there is no indefinite benchmark for how long your body positivity will take to fully rise. You can turn the heat right up, or allow it to gently simmer away, but keep checking to make sure that it’s beginning to grow. I will be your personal chef and help with the process! If you ever want to talk need advice or simply want some closure and happiness then continue with me on our journey to body positivity.

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