Those Pesky GCSE’s, How To Survive

GCSE’s can be a stressful time and it it can be difficult to make sure all your work is up to date and your working towards your target grades. However, here are some tips to help you out:



  • MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO YOUR WORK WHEN YOU GET IT! This is crucial to making sure you stay on top of things, leaving things to last minute makes you rush your work and decreases the quality of it.
  • STAY ORGANISED! Staying organised just makes your life a whole lot easier. When your trying to revise for that chemistry test tomorrow you don’t want to be trying to remember where you left your book again.
  • PAY ATTENTION! The things you are being taught in in class are going to show up in your exams. One day when your sat at your exam test with a difficult question on algebra, and your going to appreciate that boring teachers who kept going on about the value of X.
  • HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! You’ve chosen these subjects because you enjoy them and you want to pursue a career in them so think positive like a proton.



Hope these tips will help you survive your GCSE’S.


Serendipity859 x





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