Sometimes we all go so quickly and try and do so much at one time it is like living in a city even if we live in a rural area or in the countryside. We don’t stop to think about what we’re doing and how it will impact other people.


It’s like when crossing a road it is the only time we are vigilant checking to right and to the left and then we cross when we are safe. Why are we not like that for other things?

They say that our lives are short and that is why we want to do so much and yes you never know what is around the corner but that doesn’t mean we have to get everything done within a few years of your life.

what is around the corner

Next time you go to do anything think to yourself “Take your time, enjoy this moment” or “I’m going to take my time and relieve all the stress in my life”.

Enjoy the life you are given, stop, wait and listen.

Alysha x


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