Mac Mineralise Eye Quad

I do love Mac, everything about it from its uniqueness to the actual products themselves. Recently, I purchased this quad in Golden Hours. The quad costs £18 for 2.2 grams of eyeshadow. This particular quad is very warm toned with a brown which has flecks of golden glitter, a yellow highlight shadow with white glitter, a taupe and a orange-gold shade which is similar to Mac Amber Lights.

I find the shades to be very unique and very pretty however they are very subtle with the most pigmented shade being the brown but the other shades are not very pigmented however they look very nice on the eyes when blended properly. I must add the shadows are very easy to blend.


For those of you who do not know what the difference between a mineralise product and a normal eyeshadow is I shall give a quick explanation. Mineral makeup is when minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are micronized into tiny particles which create makeup.

I will be writing a more detailed explanation of what mineral makeup is soon for all of you who would like to know!

Mineral Makeup Post

Alysha x



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