Power Of Makeup

Makeup is a powerful tool to everyone whether you are a girl or a boy it does not matter. It empowers you and I can bet that when you wear makeup you feel different to when you do not wear makeup. That confidence it gives you, it feels great doesn’t it?? Whether you wear a little amount of makeup or a shed load of makeup it does not matter. You can wear makeup to enhance features or to disguise features whatever pleases you.

Back in the days people didn’t have much of anything so if they could wear makeup it would make them feel great and compared to today makeup had harsh chemicals and they could ruin your skin but people still wore it to feel good.

The first sign of makeup in the records is back in the Egyptian times when men and women used kohl to highlight their eyes and if we think to today we still do it!!! Makeup is a tool that can fix everything. For some people it is an escape to sit in their rooms and take the time to apply makeup to their face trying new techniques or new styles. For some people the joy of buying makeup and swatching every lipstick in every store and walking out covered in many colours, but the joy it brings (Me every time I go shopping) . For some people it is their career and they love it so much from SFX makeup to stage makeup to celebrity makeup.


Makeup is a platform that is ever growing and the makeup itself keeps improving and our love for it will only grow and the Mac, YSL, Dior, Rimmel, Maybelline and L’Oréal makeup we use today will soon become vintage and there will new items to discover.

Just like we are on our journeys makeup will come with us on our journeys!

Alysha x


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