Caudalie Beauty Elixir

So, I have noticed that there is a growing trend in facial mists or beauty elixir’s so for Christmas my mum bought me the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. It costs £11.50 for 30ml and per application you spray 4 squirts all over your face.


It claims to gently hydrate, boost radiance while refreshing the skin and to tighten pores.

I find it very hydrating and spray it just before my moisturizer so I find it helps my moisturizer sink in much quicker. I also find that it doesn’t dry on the skin very quickly which is actually a good thing in my opinion because my makeup applies rather nicely over the top of the moisturizer because the elixir keeps the skin hydrated. I find it does provide a gorgeous radiance to the skin but it is subtle so it is good for oily skinned people out there as well as dry skinned people. However, I haven’t noticed that it has tightened my pores but I find the positives out way the negatives and I believe it is one of the cheapest sprays out there.


You can also spray it throughout the day even when wearing makeup and I feel it refreshes your makeup especially if you are looking a little bit powder-ry so I know I love using it for that reason. If you expect it to increase longevity of your makeup then this may be the wrong product as this is specifically designed for skincare.

Alysha x


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